Design is very important when it comes to sports. It can be seen in various fields and courses such as golf courses, the best of which are designed by well renowned designers. Design is also a major issue when it comes to designing the gear, whether the clothes or the shoes, and at times even the equipment. In this article, we are going to discuss the importance of design in sportswear.


The materials of the fabrics have to be made of quality, and have practical aesthetics. The fabrics should be breathable and absorbent, so that they can absorb any moisture while retaining the required temperature. They should be able to recover well after being washed. Aesthetics-wise, you wouldn’t want to go for leggings that are made out of too thin fabric, and especially the kind that shows everything through.

Fit & shape

When designing the outfit, it should fit well so that you don’t have to keep on adjusting it during the sporting. Attires that are well designed fit well on the users, and remain firm and secure throughout the sporting event. You wouldn’t want your shorts falling off in the middle of a soccer game.


Looks matter a lot when it comes to the sporting attire, and people want to look their best. Looking good goes a long way in boosting the morale of the athlete. The design doesn’t only mean the cut of the clothing, but also the colors.


When we say versatility, we are referring to multipurpose or multifunctional. You’ll find that athletic clothing has become highly popular as a fashion wear, being worn even for casual non sporting events. These are especially worn by the type of people that eat, drink, and sleep sports. They don’t have to be playing the sport in order to wear the outfits.

Best Indoor Basketballs – Top Quality and Affordable Brands

We are now going to review the best indoor basketballs that can be found in the market according to

Spalding TF-1000 Classic Men’s Indoor Basketball

This is a 29.5″ basketball that is meant for official play. It is approved by NFHS, and constructed exclusive ZK composite leather, helping with moisture management for a sure grip. Gripping it is easier thanks to the wide channel design, and making it the perfect indoor basketball.


  • Exclusive ZK microfiber composite cover material for a soft touch and dry tack feel
  • Wide channel design for instant recognition
  • 100% nylon windings for maximum structural integrity
  • Designed for indoor play only

Spalding NBA Street Basketball

This indoor basketball comes in three sizes, Youth (27.5 inches), Intermediate (28.5 inches), or NBA Official Size (29.5 inches). It features a wide channel design, for incredible grip and comfort in the hand. Overall, this ball was designed to feel natural in your hand and it will let your skills really shine through during indoor play.


  • Made in USA or Imported
  • Ultra-durable, performance rubber cover
  • Designed to withstand the rough-and-tumble street game
  • Wide channel design for excellent grip
  • Features the NBA logo
  • Official size 29.5 inches, size 7 (Size is not stamped on ball)

Wilson Evolution Indoor Game Basketball

Patented laid-in channels replace traditional slick rubber channels, giving this basketball a 100% composite cover for the best grip and player control.


  • Superior grip from thousands of micro-pebble touchpoints. Patented Aqua-Grip laid-in channels replace traditional rubber with pebbled composite leather to enhance gripability
  • Enhanced control through a moisture-wicking laid-in channels
  • Exceptional feel by a Cushioned Core
  • Game ready right out of the box

Wilson NCAA Replica Game Ball

The NCAA Replica Game Basketball delivers superior durability for countless hours in the gym, but also exceptional grip, for excellent game play.


  • Wilson is the official basketball of the NCAA Championships and March Madness
  • Patented laid-in channels deliver unmatched gripability and ball control
  • Cushion Core Technology offers an exceptional feel and more consistent bounce
  • Designed for Indoor and Outdoor Play
  • Replica of the NCAA Official Game Basketball
  • A favorite of competitive players everywhere

Spalding NBA Zi/O Excel Basketball

This basketball features composite leather construction with the addition of a foam backing under the full ball pebbling to make handling even more precise. The deep channel design is 30 percent deeper for even better grip and dribble control. It also has a composite leather cover along with deep channel grooves for better dribble control. This ball is designed for competitive indoor or outdoor play.


  • Zi/o composite leather cover looks and feels genuine
  • Full ball pebbling provides soft, tacky feel
  • Measures 29.5 inches, official NBA ball weight
  • Indoor/outdoor composite leather basketball
  • Indoor/outdoor composite leather basketball
  • Deep channel design for better dribble control
  • Foam backing under the full-ball pebbling for precise ball handling

94fifty Smart Sensor Basketball

The 94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball is the first product of its kind to measure and diagnose the quality of key skills critical to build confidence, versatility and success on the basketball court. It features embedded motion sensors to measure the player’s skill in real time, the information being sent to a mobile smartphone via Bluetooth. The app can be downloaded free of charge, and it comes with four distinct experiences, each with its own purpose. Level-up your skills from Playground to Pro in the Workout section. Learn how to shoot at game speed or soften your shot with proper shooting arc in the Skill Training section. Challenge your family, friends or teammates with Head to Head skill competitions, or challenge anyone in the world through twitter in the Social Challenge section. The sensors in the ball will count what matters most and will provide visual and voice feedback as you practice. It’s like having a personal digital coach with you every time you play. Whether your goal is to make the A team this year, or to work towards that scholarship, the 94Fifty sensor basketball is designed for a single purpose: to build your confidence and get you better, faster.


  • 94Fifty is the official Smart Basketball of the National Association of Basketball Coaches
  • Wireless battery charger included w/the ball, activate w/4 bounces, auto sleep mode after 5 minutes of inactivity, 8 hrs. of continuous battery life
  • Indoor/Outdoor Weather Resistant Synthetic Leather; Regulation size, weight and spin
  • Free app keeps history for up to 4 players; Unlimited app downloads; Ball discoverable by any compatible phone when not in use by another player
  • Compatible with iPhone 4s and later, iPad 3rd Generation and later, iPod Touch 5th Generation and Android Devices


Design is a big issue when it comes to sports, and even if you check out the basketballs that we reviewed in this article, they are all designed with different materials and features. There’s even one that monitors the player, relaying the data to their smartphone.

Published by Linda Black