This Christmas is going to be the very first Christmas for many little babies.  That first Christmas is a truly remarkable experience for both parents and little ones.  It is the perfect time to get the cutest baby pictures ever and it is also the perfect time to have fun while redesigning your baby’s nursery for a merry Christmas vibe.  Here are the best ideas to create a Christmas vibe inside your baby’s bedroom for the ultimate first holiday season.

Tips To Redesign Your Nursery for Christmas
Tips To Redesign Your Nursery for Christmas

Make hand and footprint canvases

An easy way to incorporate the Christmas vibe in your baby’s bedroom is by taking some hand and foot prints on canvases.  You can decorate these hand and foot prints in several Christmas themed ways.  Create a cute little snowman out of a foot print, cut out several green paper handprints and create a cute Christmas tree or simply add a beautiful Christmas quote to your print canvas for some beautiful wall art.

Switch your usual mobile for some Christmas decorations

Babies love to look at bright things that dangle and glitter.  A good way to give your little one something new to look at this Christmas is by switching normal nursery mobile toys with some Christmas decorations.

Ensure Christmas safety with a monitor

The holiday season can be quite busy with all those relatives coming over.   A good idea to ensure your baby is perfectly safe and gets enough rest while plenty of buzzing is happening in the house is by getting a good quality baby monitor.  An Owlet Baby Monitor will keep an eye on your little one while you are doing the Christmas cooking or while you are busy having a blast with family.  These monitors will instantly alert you if anything is off in baby’s bedroom and you can monitor your baby via your cellphone without disturbing your little one.

Get a felt Christmas tree

Christmas trees and babies usually don’t go together very well.  They just cannot resist all the glittering decorations which can be dangerous when your child suffocates on a Christmas ornament or pulls the tree over.  A much safer alternative is to invest in a felt Christmas tree with felt ornaments.  Your little one can decorate the tree as often as he or she likes without any risk.

3D star nightlight

A 3D star nightlight can be a great way to bring some Christmas charm into your little ones bedroom and to create a nice and safe vibe.

Hang a wreath on the door

Wreaths are beautiful and they are so easy to hang.  Just hook a garland on the door and the nursery will get an instant Christmas vibe.

Fairy lights behind the curtains

Hang a strand of fairy lights behind the curtains for a whimsical and warm look.  This can also be a superb backdrop for Christmas photos.

Giant cardboard gingerbread house

There are few things little ones love more than a simple cardboard box.  There are so many wonderful ways to upcycle a plain cardboard box into a wonderful toy. A giant cardboard gingerbread house is something you can DIY that is sure to bring plenty of joy.

Published by Linda Black