You might be born with a steady hand and crafty mind for designing. On the other side of the aisle, you might have trained yourself to do so. Whatever the case is, your designs are not going to make you any money unless you try to bring recognition to these. A freelance designing business only kick starts once your designs are appreciated. That is hard to do if you have barely any outreach to potential clients. You can say goodbye to any dreams of a career in design. However, there are numerous easy and strategic ways to build your own business from the ground up.

Tips To Bring Recognition to Your Designs
Tips To Bring Recognition to Your Designs

Read a few tips on how to bring recognition to your designs:

Social Media Marketing:

Whether you do interior designing, wall art or graphic designing, it is extremely important that you have a social media page dedicated to it. Social media presence can boost your design business to overnight success. Facebook pages are too cliché. Try for new and innovating ways to design. A great idea for interior designing would be to film it on YouTube. You could show your whole creative process and then the actual execution. This would garner a lot of views and subscribers and before you know it, your videos could end up trending on the YouTube page. You could try using a Snapchat account to show snippets of your process.

The more likes you have, the more folks you will reach. Apart from the business point of view, it could boost up your confidence.


Another great way to promote your designs is to sell merchandise. It generates a lot of revenue as well. If you do wall art or do graphic designing, you can put them on a t-shirts, mugs, keychains or notebooks. This is extremely attractive to consumers and creates a positive word of mouth. When other see these sporting a well-designed tee, they will surely ask from where they got it. That generates a lot of traffic to your website and put you on the map for sure. You could end up doing custom T-shirt designs for clients or keychain designs. For interior designers, you could design your T-shirts with catchy slogans that will attract folks.

Merchandising your designs could be your gateway to success. All you need to do is put up attractive and unique material out there and sit back!

Photograph Well:

When it comes to art or interior designing, a good camera can make a huge difference. Not only the camera but also the skill behind it matters a lot. Simply look at a camera phone picture and a DSLR shot picture, you will see huge differences in it. The one taken by a DSLR camera would be clearer and highlight your artwork much better. So, invest in a good camera and you can bring a lot of recognition to your art. Next, you need to invest in accessories as well such as a tripod or a camera backpack.

A camera backpack helps your camera be safe from dust, water, or dirt. Everyone wants the best product at an extremely affordable price. So, if you are looking for the best budget camera backpack simply follow the online guide by Photography Gear Guide. They go into details about the different backpacks available and their various features. This guide will help you decide which one would suit you best. For instance, it would assist you to know which backpacks are equipped to store a tripod stand and which can hold a smaller camera better.

Furthermore, learn the basics of your camera, what exposure and other features mean. After that, you will be on your way to stunning photos of your designs.

Published by Linda Black