Living in a condo has a lot of superb benefits.  One of the best reasons to choose to invest in a condo is that the prices are incredibly low.  Check out these Social Condo Prices and you will be amazed at just how affordable these types of luxury homes are.  There are a lot of other benefits besides the price.  These condos are incredibly safe, saves you a lot of money on living expenses and it is quite fun when you live in a good quality condo.  A fantastic condo will allow you to use plenty of facilities like an in-building gymnasium, Pilates studio, cardio studio, swimming pool, sauna, barbecue area and much more.  With these added benefits you can stay fit a lot easier and you will be a lot more social than you would have been if you lived in an additional home.

The only downside to condos is that they can be a bit generic in their overall look.  Condos are designed to be energy efficient, to maximize space and functionality and to harbor as many people as possible.  But because so many accommodations are constructed on the same property the apartments can end up looking very much the same.  Here are a few great tips to help you redesign your condo so it will look completely unique.

Tips for Personalizing Your Condo
Tips for Personalizing Your Condo

Repaint your condo

If it is not against the building rules then repainting your condo can change the entire look in an instant.  Ask about the possibilities of a fresh coat of paint and don’t be shy with the color, especially if you are going for a ‘different’ look.

Wall stickers can give you an instant makeover

Wall decals or stickers are great for personalizing your condo.  They are so easy to apply and they are incredibly affordable.  Visit your local graphics shop and look for wall decals that will suit your apartment and your unique taste.

Get a lot of green

A good way to create a happier and more positive living space is by going green.  Get an artificial grass carpet for the living room and invest in plenty of synthetic plants to create a lively and unique vibe for your condo.

Be bold with your furniture

A black or dark brown sofa is a good choice because it will probably go with any setup but it can make your home look even more generic.  Choose furniture with bold colors for a completely different look.  Yes, we are talking a bright yellow or red sofa, lime green barstools… you get the picture.

Consider your flooring

A colorful rug can do a lot for the overall look of a room.  Get a beautiful rug to make bedrooms look a lot bigger and bolder.

Plain bedding with bold accessories

Bright colored linen can make everything look much brighter but if you want to create a sense of quality and style then stay plain with your bedding and accessorize the entire room with bold colors.  Bold accessories like a bright cushion, bright paintings, bright vases and bright rugs can create a very unique and fun look inside your condo.

Published by Linda Black