Your mind is filled with lots of contemplations and speculations when you start thinking of designing a home you are going to move in. Everybody wants a perfect home that can leave folks in awe with it designs, so would you. You would probably start with making a list of all the things you want in your new house. But, it is also necessary that you chart out the things you shouldn’t have. Ignoring this part can lead to irreversible mistakes.

The Bloomers You Should Avoid While Designing Your New Home!

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Now, get back to making the list of mistakes you are supposed to avoid. We are here going to throw light on the bloomers homeowners usually commit. Take a look and make sure you do not do this.

Improper space planning:

Space planning is a crucial factor for a perfect home design. You have to manage the space widely unless you have a massive house and lots of space for storage. You would need adequate storage space. So, plan exactly where the storage spaces will be. Maintain a balance between your living and storage space. For instance, plan how many closets you would need in your room to store all your stuff. Everything looks messy if the storage space is not managed properly.

Inappropriate lighting:

Lighting plays a significant part in the appearance of the house. They can totally change the look if they are inappropriate no matter how perfectly the home is designed. Rooms cannot expose themselves to full potential without a suitable lighting setup. Do not make the mistake of choosing same lights for all the places because one cannot fit all. For example, dim light totally works in the bedroom and they are not really best for kitchen or bathroom. Your windows should provide you the maximum amount of natural light. You can also add skylights if possible.

Building homes that have little utility:

It is quite interesting if you add a game room, play area, or multipurpose room in your house. However, you have to build such room in a way that can actually get used. There is no point of building a room that has little or no utility. Therefore, calculate everything beforehand and build accordingly.

Placing a bedroom in the wrong area:

Place your bedroom in the area where there is no traffic and noise while designing your home. It is wise not to place it near garage since it causes a disturbance if family members are arriving or going during the resting hours. Similarly, keep it at a considerable distance from your living room.

Published by Linda Black