Graphic designing is one of the best types of jobs out there.  You get to be creative all the time, this job type can be done from anywhere in the world thanks to the internet and it is great fun to work on a new project just about every day. But landing the perfect, high-paying job in this sector can be tough.  A few years ago everyone wanted to be a graphic designer and students have stocked the skills market.  Today it is much more challenging to compete for a job in designing simply because there are so many other candidates applying for the same job as you.

When recruiters are screening graphic designing candidate resumes they will pick those with the best qualifications and they will want to have a look at your design profile to see your creative talents.  While it is tough to write the perfect resume, the interview itself is the toughest and most important part of landing that dreamy high-paying job.

How to respond to 3 Tough Interview Questions
How to respond to 3 Tough Interview Questions

One of the best ways for designers to sharpen up their interview skills is by getting Job Interview Coaching. Mock interview coaching can be done in person or can be done virtually.  The mock interviewers will supply you with the best tips for your interview which can include tips for attire, makeup, jewelry and of course for all of those challenging answers.  Once you have the best tips you get to practice your interview with skilled professionals that know exactly which questions to ask.  They will prepare you so you can head over to your interview with more confidence and a much bigger chance of getting that job.

And now it is time to find out how to answer 3 of the toughest interview questions.

Why should we hire you?

This is one of the toughest questions to answer.  Why should they hire you when there are other candidates with the same experience and skill level as you?  Answers like; because I am qualified and because I am a hard worker is not the type of answers your interviewer is looking for.  They want to know what sets you apart from the rest.  A good answer would be something like this; Because you won’t be disappointed when you hire me.  I am willing to go the extra mile.  I am responsible and I am right for the job in every way.

Tell me more about yourself?

This question isn’t directed towards your hobbies, personality or anything like that.  What your interviewer really wants to know is how you view yourself with regards to the job.  You can give information about your qualifications, career history, and experience level, why you love what you do and more.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

This can be a tricky question if you aren’t busy applying for an ultimate dream job but rather a temporary solution.  It is good to be honest about your objectives.  No one is going to expect you to work as a waiter for the rest of your life.  This question is directed towards your future goals.  What do you want to accomplish in the next five years?  Do you want to get married, have children and do you perhaps dream of starting your own company.

Interviews are tough but with the right preparation and the right coaching you can be calm and will always have the right answer for each and every question interviewers dish your way.

Published by Linda Black