If you are into designs or attention to details, then you might want to make a careful consideration before investing in a roofing design. Since there are many roofing designs in the market, it may be confusing which design to settle on, as there is more to a design than just the beauty. The design will also be influenced by the stipulated budget and the functionality of the building. Some of the important considerations to make when choosing a commercial roofing design include:

Geographical location

The geographical location of the building is an important consideration to make when choosing a design for your roof. The roofing should be able to comply with the building codes. The weather trends and the direction the building faces also have a major influence on the design. Different locations have different wind velocity potential snow load and the average rainfall also varies from place to place. The orientation of the roof and the nearby trees and buildings should also be considered.

Physical makeup of the building

The size of the building, age, shape and design of the building are important factors to consider. Whether the building is new or old will have an influence on the roofing design that can be chosen since they have to be a match.

Building material used

The type of building material used on the building will have an influence on the roofing design that can be chosen. The building materials can either be wood, steel, brick and HVAC among many others.

Choosing The Best Commercial Roofing Design

Roof details

The roof details will influence the kind of roofing design that can be used. By roof details we mean the size of the roof, shape, slope, deck, edge, protrusions as well as rooftop access. There are roof that require very little traffic while there are others that will require walk away to provide access to the rooftop units. If the roof requires high foot traffic then there will be a limit on the kind of design that can be used on the roof.

The use of the building

What function the building serves will influence the kind of design that can be used on it. This includes the occupancy of the building, insulation needs and maintenance schedule of the building. For example if the building is used as a warehouse, it will have different needs than when it is used as a retail building.


Since all building will require some maintenance, you need to consider the ease of replacing materials and availability of the materials. You should also consider whether the materials can be recycled or not.


This is the most important factor as the available budget is what will determine the kind of roof you can have. It can either be cheap or expensive depending on how much you are willing to spend. When making the budget, you should not only consider making of the initial design but also the commercial roofing repairs since it will need maintenance at some point.

Published by Linda Black