A car could worth a king’s ransom and you cannot change it every time a new model with advanced features is introduced in the market unless you are a billionaire. Holding on to a car for a really long time doesn’t sound fun because you would always tempt for the one with latest features. You might lack options for buying a new car but you still can have the option of enjoying some amazing features in your old car.

These improvements would totally change that feeling of being in an old car. However, you should not forget to keep a check on your speed while hitting the road to test the improvements. Speeding and rash driving can put all your excitement in the trash. Dangerous driving doesn’t only put your vehicle in danger but also leaves you facing a criminal charge. You might not realize but this can be really serious and you may end up paying bundles of dollars for committing this crime. Plus, you would have to find a legal representative that can save your future. You will not have to worry about the legal proceedings if you are consulting with experienced Barrie criminal lawyer.

Bring Improvements to The Design of Your Old Car
Bring Improvements to The Design of Your Old Car

Ted Yoannou’s law firm is the right place to go when you are under such circumstances. The lawyer there is experienced and has dealt with such cases a hundred times. Unlike many other law firms, you will not be charged any fees for initial consultancy at this law firm. You will be told everything you need to know such as assessment of the case and what step the lawyer would take to overturn the charges. Contact on this website criminallawyersbarrie.ca and you will get a prompt reply.

Now, here is how you can upgrade your old car:

Heads-up display:

This is a feature found in the luxury cars such as Audi, GM, and Mercedes. These displays will navigate you through the transparent image lapping over the windshield. HUDs display all the information such as arrows for upcoming turns, speed, mileage, engine warning etc. you will have all this information without getting your eyes off the road. You can have HUD’s projected on higher-end and midlevel cars.

Seat heaters and massagers:

It sounds amazing if your car seats provide the feeling of a spa. Isn’t it? Upgraded built-in heating pads in car seats are being offered in new models recently. Along with the seat warmers, these seats in these models also have cooling and massaging capabilities.

This is not something you can just fantasize, you can have it in your own car. Seat covers with several heating settings are available in the market for less than $50. Even some advanced cushions with cooling and massage feature are available in for less than $100. Enjoy these features of million-dollar cars without spending million dollars.

Parking sensors:

Small parking spots can really stress you out, and often have you deal with scratched doors. The latest automobiles feature automating parking. The car is unaffordable but you can add parking help such as parking sensors to your car at an affordable price. These sensors activate when you shift to reverse gear. You are warned with increasing beep or lights when you are close to bumping into something.

Bluetooth stereos:

The call is imperative but you don’t want a ticket for using a cell phone. Plus, cell phones can have you distracted that can lead to a terrible accident. Upgrade your car with Bluetooth capabilities and make your life easier.

Published by Linda Black