Vehicle wraps can do wonders for your car and for your business.  It is of course always best to use a trusted graphic designer for this type of design especially since you will be stuck with the result for a long time but sometimes it is just hard to communicate what you have in your mind to these designers.  Graphic designers don’t come cheap either and it can be quite terrible to invest a lot of cash in the vehicle wrap design only to end up unsatisfied.  But luck is on your side because with apps like Custom Car Wraps and software like Adobe Illustrator you can design your vehicle wraps yourself.

5 Expert Tips for Designing Your Own Vehicle Wrap

5 expert tips for picture perfect vehicle wraps

If you are going with a DIY session when it comes to your vehicle wrap design then a few good tips like these 5 expert tips will help you create a professional look for your business.

  1. Less is more when it comes to text

One of the biggest mistakes people make is to add too much text on a vehicle wrap.  People don’t like to read.  It is as simple as that.  But besides that it also makes it harder for you to enhance certain words like your business name.  Keep text on your vehicle wraps limited.  You can include the company name or logo, phone number, web address and perhaps a short but sweet slogan or a few major services.

  1. Keep things simple

Frilly and curvy texts are great for documents but should be avoided on vehicle wraps.  These fancy fonts make it hard for people to read what you have to say.  Simple legible text is much easier to process, in fact people cannot help to read simple plain text and short phrases because it only takes about 200 milliseconds for the eye to capture an image and for the brain to process the information that is viewed which means fast readers will take in your name and slogan without even trying to.

  1. Be different

The main idea of a vehicle wrap is for it to be noticed without being forced.  This means your vehicle wrap should be bright colored, different and interesting.  Use vibrant colors and choose a background color that allows your logo and business name to pop so these will be easier to read.

  1. No wrapped around messages

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to let your message travel around the vehicle.  It may seem pretty to you but is completely ineffective because a passerby will likely only see one side of the vehicle which means he or she will only get half of the information you want to view.  Put all your details on one side of the vehicle or preferably on both sides.

  1. Remember branding

Sure, logo free and plain text vehicle wraps can be cheaper but is it worth it?  You miss out on 24/7 opportunities to implement brand recognition by simply including your logo and business image.

When you consider the expense of vehicle wraps you should also remember that the wrap is the first thing to get damaged during accidents.  But this is no problem at all if you have the right auto insurance company on your side.  On you can scout for available auto insurance firms in your area so you can get your car protected as well as branded.

Published by Linda Black